Yes or No for Online Game

In this era, technology has improved many aspects. One of them is the gaming world. It can be showed by the various types of games that are played and downloaded by people all over the world. People will never stop to play games, since it gives pleasure to them. It seems that, no matter how busy their day is, they can always find some time and make an excuse to play the game. Playing games is becoming a lifestyle of many people. They use games to entertain themselves and they even compete with other gamers. People nowadays, spend lot of times in front of their screen just to follow the instructions, complete missions, or maybe push their rank in a certain online game.

People think that life is getting hard and complicated. So, they play online game to find their happiness that they can’t get in a real life. With countless numbers of games being download free, we get to choose the types of games we want to play. Some online games provide a feature of a team mode which allows players to work in group. This feature makes gaming experience becomes even more interesting as they players are involved together in arranging strategies and helping each other to win the game. With Mobile Legend players, for the example, people feel happy if they win the game so that they can go up to the next level and compete with other Mobile Legend players. These players build a community, and sometimes they arrange their schedule to play in a team again during their free time.

While some people use games to entertain themselves, some of them use it as media to help the learning process. Many types of games today have been used to serve variety of functions in order to train and educate people from different ages. For example, Scrabble can be used to learn English vocabulary. This game is suitable for all ages and it stimulates people’s brains to think by playing in a group.

Beside working or studying, many people find their time finding their own hobby. However, most of people do not have enough time to share their hobby in real life. So, people use online game to express their hobbies. Many types of games today provide similar activities through game applications. It can’t be denied that many people even spend much money to purchase items or resources related to their favorite video game. So, which type of people you are? Do you want to give yes or no for online game? (Editor: Khoirul Huda)

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