After Graduating from High School: Taking a Job or Getting Higher Education?

One of the most debatable issues is about choosing which one is better between taking a job after school or getting tertiary education to gain a successful career. This essay will elaborate both point of view and give concluding view.

To begin with, there are numerous benefits that pupils will obtain when they enrol university or college after graduating from high school. Firstly, pupil will get to learn theories, gain more knowledge and information related to the subject that they have chosen. Some professions, such as, doctor, lawyer, teacher, and nurse, need specific qualification and relevant degree as well. Secondly, getting tertiary education is not only about learning but the pupils also can develop widely connection with many people. This appears to be their opportunity to gain more information on how to be successful in the field of academic. Another reason is the difficulty in finding a job without having a qualified degree. If people had a qualified degree, they would better compete.

On the other hand, some people prefer to have job after school because of the higher tuition to attend university, so they tend to earn money as soon as possible. Additionally, youngsters want to become independent and prefer their own source of income rather than relying on parents.  Mostly people also believe that learning skill and real experience while at work is better than attending a university or college.

It is logical to conclude that, people are more likely to be success in career by getting tertiary education, rather than taking a job firstly. It is because some professions need specific qualification and the students will easily find a job if they have a qualified degree. Moreover, they also would gain widely connection while learning in a university or college.

So, which one do you prefer?

Think wisely and choose it!

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